The Storyteller of Thames

Bringing the past back to life

“Tall tales and true,
she’ll bring them to you.
Drama and strife
will all come to life!”

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Miss Rosalie

The power of stories...

More than simply knowing ‘the facts’,
stories connect us to the hopes and
dreams of the people involved,
the hardships they endured,
and the lessons they learned.

“To know nothing about what happened

             before you were born
         is to forever remain a child”

Cicero, Roman philosopher, 42 BC

Contact The Storyteller of Thames

Step back in time...

► in the comfort of home or club.
Friends from near or far?  A social occasion?  The Storyteller will make your event memorable, with stories suited to your tastes and interests.

► on a stroll around town
Stretch your legs as you get introduced to  the places, the people and events that left their mark in the history of the town.

► get driven on the Tour of your  choice, in an Electric Car
Extend your range, with a circuit of the town or a cruise up the coast.

14 Ngati Maru Highway, Kopu, RD 1, THAMES, NEW ZEALAND

027 265 2290

027 265 2290

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